Tuesday, February 5, 2013

whom shall I fear?

Have y'all seen this video? It is seriously adorable. Not only is it adorable, but it also has over eight million views. There's no coincidence in that. This precious little child is giving people a pep talk- telling them to get up and do something. We could all stand to listen. Last night at Bible study, Beth Moore said in the video session that every man wants a chance to be courageous. I believe that if you are a man or woman, you want to be the best person you can be. You want to live a life well lived. You want your life to count. And I am so glad that this little one is challenging and encouraging people to do just that.

Well, friends, it's been about a month since Passion 2013. God moved, and He continues to move. However, there is still so much to be done. Because of the stunning generosity of 60,000 college age students and twenty-somethings, over $3,000,000 was given (not pledged) in three days to put an end to modern day slavery. Part of that money went to fund enditmovement.com. Please head over there and educate yourself. See how you can be a part of ending modern slavery for good.

And last but not least, I leave you with my current anthem. Because it's good to know that the God of angel armies is always by your side.

And oh yeah, I'm going to Chihuahua for spring break. In 32 days. I'm beyond excited. 

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  1. Love this, and so thankful for the passionate and driven heart that God has been sculpting in you, sweet friend! Love you!



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