Thursday, February 16, 2012

revisiting "the list"

Almost six months ago, I wrote a list. This list encompassed some goals and objectives I wanted to accomplish as I try to make the most of the time that the Lord has given me right now. A dare to live fully right where I am, if you will. I have been thinking about that list and where I have made progress and where I still want to grow.

If I am being honest, I am still quite contented where I am. It has been a mental and spiritual struggle to be present where I am as I look forward to being reunited with friends and family back home and think about all of the unknowns. However, I love love love my life here. And the Lord also continues to teach me new things, and He has been molding me and refining me, preparing me for the good works that He has in store.

As I look back at that list, I still want to continue pursuing those goals. Here's a little update of where I've been making some progress:
  • Reading: I have read at least a book a month, and I have been loving it. I especially love reading on the Kindle I got for Christmas. I reread a favorite memoir, Bittersweet, and also finally read Little Women all the way through. Seeing as how it is my favorite movie, it was about time I read the book. I'm really excited to start reading The Hunger Games series tomorrow when I am officially on break from school.
  • Obviously I have not blogged twice a week. But I did a pretty good job with that challenge back in December, right? :)
  • I'm reading the Bible through with the One Year Bible, and while I get behind sometimes, I am enjoying it.
  • I started running again and am insanely pumped to get some new running shoes next month. Did I mention that I am already excited about the Peachtree? I think I have issues...
  • Cooking is therapeutic for me, and I have found some lovely recipes. I love this recipe for corn chowder and this one for quinoa. Delicious.
  • I love having the high school girls over for Bible study at my house when Olivia is out of town. 
  • The Lord is showing me the power and importance of prayer. 
  • I took a trip to Colorado.
So I still have not yet learned to play the guitar well, had an unplugged day, or learned to make a good pot of coffee. But this is a process, right?

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