Thursday, December 22, 2011

twofer #3

  20.       When did you cry?

This question is so hard to answer, because to be honest, I cry quite often. I mean, it may not be a daily occurrence, but I am a tender-hearted person, and I can be sensitive, so sometimes it does not take much to bring on some waterworks. So when I saw this question, I did not know how to answer it...I cried watching some of my favorite movies. I cried listening to some of my favorite songs. I cried when I was scared to come back to Mexico. I cried when I was homesick. I cried when my kids amazed me. I cried a lot. And I'm okay with that. 

21. Where did you spend your time?

School. Physically, mentally, emotionally, my time was spent at Colegio Binimea. Planning lessons, grading papers, the work of a teacher never ends. 

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