Tuesday, December 27, 2011

catching up

I am so behind on blogging. But I am okay with that, because things have been ca-razy. So here goes with my attempt to catch up.

24. When did you take the easy way?
I cannot lie on this one. Sometimes I took (take) the easy way with lesson planning. In my education at UGA, I learned how to write all of my own lesson plans and did all kinds of projects and rubrics. But with the curriculum we use at Binimea, it is really easy to just follow the book and not take the time to add to it and make it more interesting for the kids. And so sometimes, I take the easy way.

25. Where did you eat?
I ate at so many wonderful places. I ate at Chi'hua Tacos y Cortes, El Costenito,Tortas Piolin, Italianisimo, La Casa de los Milagros, and Super Salads in Chihuahua, Bahama Breeze in Kennesaw, Cracker Barrel in El Paso, Bon Ton's Cafe and Jake and Telly's in Colorado Springs, and Chick-fil-A in El Paso, Marietta, Athens, Atlanta, and Colorado Springs. :) It is no secret that I love to eat...

Italianisimo for my 23rd birthday

After lunch in Savannah for Jessica's 23rd

Dinner at La Casa de los Milagros for Ana's birthday

Super Salads for Fatima's goodbye. :(

26. Which blogs did you enjoy the most?
There are some blogs that I stalk enjoy where I anticipate the next post and am eager to read what the author writes. And some of them are photography blogs where I just love to look at the pictures. These blogs were my favorites this year:

Enjoying the Small Things
This Earthly Tent
And Whatever
Everyanything More Than Believe
Altmix Photography
I am Kristen Hines
The Reason 
The World We Live In

27. When did you celebrate?

I really celebrated my 23rd birthday this year. There was also a big celebration at Katie Martin's wedding. My homecoming was celebrated my this summer and a couple weeks ago. We celebrated Kai's completion of her first year of law school and Lyndsey's graduation from nursing school. There was plenty of celebration in my heart during worship at church most weeks. I found plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. :)

Bahama Breeze reunion

Merry and bright.

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