Thursday, December 1, 2011

beginning of 2011

So my super cool friend, Laura wrote about how she was going to be blogging every day in December using a question set of writing prompts, and I just loved the idea. How fun to see how others respond to the same question. In an effort to capture some moments and remember what was 2011, here goes:

1. Where did 2011 begin?

2011 began with Team Pebbletech (a group of friends comprised of a bunch of sisters) at Heidi's house. My sister and I have spent countless New Years Eves with the Neese sisters, and we were looking forward to our time with them. I was so excited to be with all of them after having been in Mexico for what seemed like forever.

Earlier that afternoon, my sister and a couple of my best friends had gone with me to get my cartilage pierced. It was kind of a big deal...then it was on to some shopping at the West Cobb Avenue and to the Neese home to get ready.

We got to the Hodges' home all prettied up and did what we do best: ate and talked. All night long. It was wonderful. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was on tv, but we were half watching it. The night was full of laughter, reminiscing, and lots and lots of love. As it should have been. When midnight was approaching, we opened the sparkling cider and raised our glasses to a new year. There were little shouts, sparklers, and a dance party in the driveway. And then we crashed.

2011 began with a lot of anticipation in my heart- would I continue to fall in love with Mexico? How was I going to find my place in my church when school was enough to leave me exhausted each day? Would I be in Mexico forever?

The Lord was doing a lot of things in my heart as He told me that yes, He would continue to be with me as I journeyed through this next phase in life in Chihuahua. And I have to tell you that He was true to His word. He hasn't left me, and I am so grateful.

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