Saturday, December 3, 2011

2. Who did you meet?

Through this year, I have met many new people. Living in a country that is not your own lends itself to opportunities to meet new people quite often. :) But there are two special people whom I have come to know through these last eight months or so who have become quite special to me. Kevin and Wendy Case became my neighbors in April after Amanda moved out to begin her life with Chad.

Kevin and Wendy are amazing. They worked in a tribe called the Tepehuan in a place called Baborigame, Mexico for over twenty years. Now Kevin works in Bible translation for the Tepehuan, and Wendy works in the office to make sure all of us in the mission have up-to-date visas.

Since they are the same age as my parents, I call them my surrogate parents. Ever since they have moved in, I have felt like I have people watching out for me; I can depend on them. They not only give me rides to the grocery store and to church, they give me wise counsel. Not to mention Kevin hangs things up for me and does all kinds of things around the house I just don't even know a thing about. And when he's out of town Wendy and I can chill and just be girls. :) What a blessing to have such wonderful godly examples in the house right behind me. My life is better with them in it.

Here's to you, Kevin and Wendy. :)

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