Saturday, October 1, 2011

Signs of Fall

Each week, my fifth grade students have an assignment called the Essay of the Week. Last week, they were told that they must spend some time outside and think about how each one of the five senses could feel and experience fall. They could only write one paragraph (some did much more), yet proved to be some of their best work yet! I was so proud of them and told them that I was going to post their work on my blog for everyone to see.

Student 1:

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. There is a light scent of rain in the cool air. The leaves have a tinge of pinkish red. They are as crisp as burnt toast. Sparrows sing in the yellow dotted trees. Autumn is truly a beautiful season.

Student 2 [English is this student's second language]:

Autumn is a beautiful season. It feels fresh and soft because of the wind. You can hear the birds flying and the wind blowing. The color of the leaves change, and it turns into a beautiful sight. It is one of the most wonderful times of year because of its beautiful sight. There is a lot to do [in] autumn, like fly kites, look for dried leaves, and many more [things]. It's so wonderful!

Student 3:

Fall is almost here. I can taste it, I can smell it, I can hear it, I can feel it and I can see it. I can hear the crickets that sound like thousands of whistles millions of miles away. They started not too long ago. I can taste the sweetness of apple cider and feel the warm sensation running down my throat. I love the wonderful smell of rain and it is a sign of fall. I can feel the nice, cool breeze and see the dancing leaves in the wind. The signs are here at last; it is going to be a blast.

Student 4:

Fall is magnificent! It is very fun in many ways. For example, I love to wear all the different styles. Also, it's nice that it's a bit chilly in the fall because in the summer it's often times too hot and in the winter its usually too cold, but fall's weather is just perfect.

When I go outside I like to hear the leaves fall off their branches as the wind takes them to the ground. What's also fun is to jump into a pile of leaves. It's also cool to watch all the bugs crawl around preparing for winter. I love to walk outside and smell the fresh air while drinking a hot cup of apple cider. But my favorite part is to eat pumpkin pied and see all the fall colors. And that's why fall is magnificent!

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