Friday, September 16, 2011

noche de libertad

So last night was our Independence Day party at church, or our Noche de Libertad, meaning Freedom Night. The Lord is so good. I know I say that often and that it may sound trite, but I mean it. He is good! The evening began with a downpour, which is quite uncharacteristic of Chihuahua at this time of year, but oh so characteristic of our Lord to cool things off and freshen things up.

In addition to cakewalks, a salsa contest, and a delicious Mexican potluck dinner, we also were reminded of the truth we find through God's word- that He gives us freedom. His freedom sets us free to pursue righteousness and love Him all the more, and that my friends, is something worth celebrating.

And of course, ¡VIVA MEXICO!

Fatima, Rocio and I in our Mexican costumes.

Amanda, Alma, and Rocio ready to celebrate!

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