Monday, September 19, 2011

Millers Take Chiwas Day 4

After a couple busy days, it was time to chill, and that we did on Monday. We got a much later start and headed to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Chi'hua Tacos y Cortes, with two of my favorite people, Peggy and Linda. Peggy is my mentor teacher, and Linda is also one of the leaders of the high school girls Bible study.

One of Linda's friends is known as "the silver lady," (really, I didn't even get her real name) and we went to her house to check out what she had to sell that day. Turns out she had just gotten back the day before from a trip down south to buy silver to sell here in the city. In her home, an entire room is set up like a little jewelry store, and my mom and I found a few things that we really liked. I also got a few ideas for Christmas gifts. :) After our stop at the silver lady's house, we went to another artisan shop, where there are exquisite dishes, plant pots, numbers for your home, etc. in order to beautify the space you in which you live. While we did not make any purchases, it was fun to wander around the shop and marvel at the craftsmanship.

In the afternoon we rested some more, and then we went to my house for dinner. Later we were treated to dessert and games with Chad and Amanda. Being the perfect hostess that she is, Amanda had made cheesecake brownies for us, complete with delicious ice cream to top it all off. After dessert, we played two games together. We quickly found that Chad, Amanda, and my dad are competitive, while my mom and I just chance it all. The evening was full of laughter and smiles, as all evenings spent with good friends should be.

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