Sunday, September 18, 2011

Millers Take Chiwas Day 3

Sunday was another wonderful day. I know I must sound like a broken record by now, but it was such a blessing to have my parents here with me. Everyone at church and school keeps telling me that they loved seeing me with them because I looked so content. And I was.

I was especially excited for my parents to come to church with me on Sunday, because I love my church. I have written about it before; this place has been such a refuge and blessing for me here. The people are what make it. The church building itself is fine, but it is the body of Christ that dwells within Capilla Calvario that I love so much and am so encouraged by each week. To receive hugs, kisses, and genuine well-wishes from brothers and sisters always makes my week. I look forward to going there, even when I am tired and would rather lay in bed. These people mean so much to me.

We had already had dinner at my pastor Sean's house on Friday evening (and we forgot to take a picture!) so my parents had already met the famous Rafferty clan. But I was excited for them to meet the rest of my Capilla Calvario family. My friend Pablo led worship that day, which was wonderful, and Sean taught out of Genesis, where we have been for quite some time now. I am loving Genesis more than I ever thought I would, as we are taking time to go through the book verse by verse.

After church, we went to lunch with my neighbors Kevin and Wendy at Los Cedros, which was delicious. My parents were finally able to come over and see my home on Sunday after church, and then we spent some time recuperating before getting ready to go to dinner at my friend Alma's house.

My wonderful neighbors, Wendy and Kevin.

You know these people...
Alma is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet. She has such a beautiful heart and is always talking about what God has done or is doing in her life. At church on Sunday, she invited my parents and I over to dinner. I have been to her house a couple times for meals, and the last time I went I mentioned that my parents were coming to visit me. She and her husband were so excited, and they wanted to be sure that they were able to meet them. And so they did. We went to their home on Sunday evening and had such a good time together. She told them all about how God has worked and is working in her life, and she asked them about their lives back home. The day they left, she called me to ask how I was doing and wanted to make sure I wasn't depressed. An amazing friend she is. She told me that Monday was her birthday, so my parents and I coming over for dinner was like a birthday present from the Lord. Wow. How humbling. It was beautiful for us to just come over and sit with her and learn from her experiences and walk with Him.

Alma, her son Mario, and my parents after a yummy dinner Sunday night.

He truly is a good and faithful God.

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