Friday, September 16, 2011

Millers Take Chiwas Day 2

Saturday morning was welcomed with adventurous spirits, as we knew we would be spending the day with Barb. She gave us a call and invited us out to her house for her breakfast, to which we eagerly agreed. I had wanted my parents to be able to see Barb's house and the wonders she has done with it since she moved in and pretty much started from the ground up, so I was quite grateful for the invitation. After a delicious breakfast of eggs, waffles, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, we headed out for the beginning of our adventure.

Barb busy getting things ready for breakfast.

There are plenty of options for those who want to be patriotic...

After introducing my parents to Soriana, where I do much of my grocery shopping (and banking at the ATM), we continued on our way downtown. Our first stop was the Governor's Palace. This palace is immense; the walls are covered with murals that portray Mexico's history from the beginning; yet there are still working offices to which people daily report. We walked through the Miguel Hidalgo museum, as well, and saw the beauty of the ancient architecture that characterizes downtown Chihuahua.

Such. a. tourist.

Making new friends in the governor's palace. :)

Being Millers, we had to do some shopping, so we stopped in a couple of the artisan shops and found some treasures for ourselves and family back home. We also ate some delicious tortas while resting in the air conditioning. Barb knows just about everything there is to know about the city, and we were along for the ride.  We went to an overlook of the city on the moutain with the colonel-meaning quite literally the mountain with the statue of the colonel. It was cloudy, but awe-inspiring nonetheless. To look at the city and how it sprawls in every direction for miles and miles never ceases to amaze me. One million people in this city. Many of whom need Jesus. Quite a challenge.

Look at how tiny the little Tarahumara baby sandals are!

Overlooking the endless city

After coming back to the guest house to freshen up and change clothes in about fifteen minutes' time, Dave Wolf picked us up for dinner at he and Olivia's home. Olivia made her famous chicken tortilla soup, and we enjoyed Coldy's ice cream for dessert. Of course. Even though the day was cloudy and we were not going to be able to see a sunset, we set out for downtown, with Mendela's overlook cafe as the final goal in mind. We had just been downtown all day, but seeing it lit up at night for the 16th of September is always magical. Because the Mexican flag's colors are green, white, and red, it looks like Christmas. The fountains were dancing their synchronized dance to the music, and the light of the angel beamed through the city. It was a magical night.

My parents with the Wolfs

Dancing waters

To end the night, we made it to Mendela's, where the service was slow but the laughter was quick. The lights of the city were beautiful, and the conversation was easy. It was another night to remember.

This place has such a great atmosphere.

City of lights

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  1. Before I saw the caption, my first thought about the patriotic decorations picture was, "Christmas displays already?"




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