Thursday, September 15, 2011

Millers take Chiwas Day 0.5

With great excitement and joy, I welcomed my parents to the great state of Chihuahua last Thurdsay evening. They flew from ATL to Houston to Chihuahua, and we made it to the airport right on time to greet them. Olivia and Dave drove me out there to get them, and Olivia was so excited that she thought she saw them on the sidewalk. But alas, they were inside the lobby, and I ran to greet them and was enveloped by their warm hugs and kisses.

Tasha Davis and her kiddos wanted to come and welcome my parents, too, so we had quite a crowd. The little ones were quite shy at first but excited to meet new friends. The drive back to Chihuahua was full of funny travel anecdotes from my parents and comfortable conversation. I was on cloud nine.

Stay tuned for Millers Take Chiwas Day 1! :)

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