Monday, August 8, 2011

one year.

I honestly cannot believe that I have been in Mexico for one year. Last week on August 3rd, I celebrated my one year anniversary with Chihuahua. It has been a good year. There are so many things I could tell you all about the things the Lord has shown me and the amazing ways in which He has proven Himself faithful over and over again. Instead of trying to recount every single lesson or give you one long-winded and disjointed post, I decided I would share with you my journal entry from August 3rd:

I cannot believe that today marks one whole year since I have lived in Mexico. How insane is that?! Wow, Lord when I think of where You have brought me from in this past year and all that You have taught me...thank You Lord. Thank You first of all for being my Lord. Thank You for never leaving or forsaking me. Thank You for always watching over me and protecting me. Thank you for leading and guiding me. Thank You for always providing for me. Thank You for never giving up on me. Thank You for Your patience with me. Thank You for being my best friend. Thank You for romancing me. Thank You for comforting me. Thank You for staying close by my side. Thank You for calming my fears.

Today, I am grateful for my Chiuahua/Mexican friends: Ju, Ale, Alex, Sergio, Rocio, Ana, Anahi, Rosy, Alma and Nena. I am grateful for a job and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach these kids and expand their worldview. I am grateful for more experienced teachers who can offer me advice and wisdom. I am grateful for my ten years of work to learn Spanish in school and through Juanes and People en Espanol. :) I am grateful for the provision and guidance of my parents, because without them I could not be here. I am grateful for my Mexican church home, Capilla Calvario, where I have been challenged and found genuine fellowship. I am thankful to the Raffertys, who have become my surrogate family on all holidays. I am grateful for my amazing support system back home -- so many people are praying for me and are so kind to invest in the Kingdom by giving to me and to the Lord. I am thankful to the myriad of women who have shaped me and made who I am today: my mom, Miss Carol, Jan Vaughan, Alison Blanton, Lindsay Sebesta, Carla Sibley, Kelly Whitehead, and Cortney Norris. Basically I am grateful for everything the Lord has allowed me to do and see at this point.

I remember feeling so brave at first when I told people that I was moving to Mexico. And then when the time came for the rubber to hit the road, I was somewhat petrified. When it hit me that this was to be my home for the next two years and I really was going to be here, I was somewhat disillusioned and freaked out, and suddenly two years seemed like forever. But alsas, one of those years has already flown by. I absolutely cannot tell you where the time went. I can't remember who, but while I was at home (oh it was Mark Antonuccio) said that it seems to take until forever to get to 21, and then once you hit 21, the time just flies. I couldn't agree more. I feel like my life is just running away from me, and at times I just want to press pause.

But as Sean said on Sunday, God is faithful. His promises are always true. And He always gives us exacltly what we need exactly when we need it. And right now at this very moment, I may not have every thing I have ever wanted, but I'm still living my dream. And I have every single thing I need for right now. 


  1. Jess... you are an amazing girl. I am so privileged to know you. Thank you for the reminder of God's faithfulness today... It's been such a blessing to walk through this year with you, your struggles and mine. Year one is just the beginning! Here's to the next one... together.

  2. Allie! Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement and your friendship. You are the amazing one! I am so glad we've been able to keep in touch through the craziness that is ministry. I love you and I am so pumped to see what God does in and through YOU this year.



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