Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perfume a Tus Pies

This song is one of my favorite Spanish praise songs, and we sang it this morning in church. Since we are a bilingual church, we usually sing songs in both Spanish and English. However, our praise team never translates this song, and I am so glad for that. The words are fluid and perfect just the way they are in Spanish. I know most of you do not speak Spanish and will not understand the video, so I translated it for you, but listen to how beautiful the song is in Spanish and allow the truth of the words to challenge you and sink into your heart.

Perfume a Tus Pies/Perfume at Your Feet

Verse 1:
When I think of your love
and your faithfulness
I can not do anything else
Than bow down and worship
When I think of how I have been
and how far you have brought me
I wonder at You

And I do not want to conform,
I have tried and I want more

I want to fall more in love with you,
Teach me to love You and live
According to Your justice and Your truth,
I want to worship with my life
With everything I have and what I am,
everything I've been give it to you
May my life be for you
Like perfume at your feet

Verse 2:
When I think of your cross
and everything you have given
Your blood for me by carrying my sin
When I think of your hand
And how far we have come
Because of your faithfulness

Bridge 2x


Verse 2

Bridge 2x

Chorus 2x

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