Friday, July 8, 2011

Blythe and Kia

I've been babysitting Julia Blythe Reilly since she was two years old. That's eight years, folks. Quite some time. When I was fifteen, I worked as a preschool teacher's assistant at my church during the summer. Blythe was in my class. She was my favorite child that summer (yes, I know you aren't supposed to have favorites, but let's get real, okay?). Since she could not say Jessica at age 2, she called me "Kia," and still does. 

This past week, I went to her house to hang out with her and her sweet friend Hannah for a couple hours. Upon my arrival at the house, Kasi, Blythe's mom, greeted me and told me she had been given specific instructions and lines to say to me: "Hello, Kia! Follow the signs downstairs to the basement and pick up the flashlight. Make sure you don't turn on the lights, or it won't be fun!"

So I followed the path laid out for me by Hannah and Blythe. This path was well-marked, and when I found them in the playroom downstairs, they broke into song with, "Kia, are the best babysitter, never pitch a fit, no, no, no..." And after the song came the speeches. Here is what they wrote to me. I'll let their words tell you about our relationship. (All spelling errors kept intact for the sake of cuteness.)

Kia you are the best! You mean a lot to me. I think you have an awsome name. I missed you so so so so so much. You are so pretty! You are an incredible, unbilevable generus cool babbysitter/person. I love you with all my heart. Your a flower. You have a sparkle in your eye. You laugh britens my day. I am so happy that you are my babbysitter.
But in all things honor the lord. For he is the way to heaven. He will shine your the right path. He is always with you where ever you go. 
Since a was a babby you made my day. You are my queen. Kia thank you for evrey thing. Were giving you this party to tell you the you ment a lot to us and you care so much about us. I have new you for a long time but when I was a babby I new you where going to be a great babbysitter. 


Jessica what a beautiful name. I missed you sooooo much. You are an Awesome, Incredible, Unbilevable + Generous person/babysitter. You are a rainbow in my eyes. Your a light in my path. Your smile brightens my day. But all things honor the Lord. For he is the way to heaven. He will shine you the right path. He is always with you where every you go. Whatever you do + He will always Love you No matter what. Trust in Jesus always. and do what he says is right. You are my friend. Even Though I haven't known you for a long time, I think you are the best babysitter in the world. You mean alot to me. Be who God wants you to be. We have made this celibration for you only. 


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