Wednesday, June 1, 2011

why I do what I do

This morning I almost cried as I read these words from a sweet student:

Miss Miller, 
You were the funest teacher I've had in years. You bring joy to me when I see you. I can't wait to have you next year! Thanks for being patient while teaching me. And for helping me understand the things I don't. Thanks for comforting me when I was frustrated. But most of thank you for being my teacher. May God Bless you over the summer. I'll miss you a lot. :) 

P.S. Have a great time with your friends and family in Georgia!
Psalms 17:8 Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. :)
See you next school year!
I love you! 
BTITW Best teacher in the world

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