Saturday, April 9, 2011


This past week, I had the privilege and honor of hosting my very first out of town guest here in Chiwas. One of my dearest friends, the one and only Lyndsey Copeland, came to visit me for a few days on our spring break. She had been planning this trip for quite some time, and to be honest, the time got away from me and her trip just snuck up on me! We had not talked for a while, and then we skyped a couple weeks ago. The next thing I knew, she wrote on my facebook wall that she would be seeing me in TEN DAYS, and I nearly peed my pants. 

Lyndsey is quite adventurous. You see, most people come to El Paso and drive down, but there weren't any people coming or going during her travel dates, so she bravely took a bus from El Paso to Juarez to Chihuahua. More power to her. Tanya and I were about to leave when I got a a call from a man at the bus station who later passed the phone to her to let me know she had officially arrived in Chiwas. Later as Tanya and I drove to the bus station, I saw a text that read as follows, "Aky esta tu amiga linsey ella quiere que bengas por ella" (Written with correct Spanish grammar and spelling: "Aqui esta tu amiga Lyndsey ella quiere que vengas por ella"). Translation: Your friend Lyndsey is here and wants you to come get her. 

Since Lyndsey had traveled literally all day on Saturday, she was somewhat exhausted, so we retired early on Saturday night. On Sunday, though, we hit the ground running. We went to church, which was wonderful as usual. After church we ate lunch at Italianisimo, had some delicious ice cream at Coldy's, went for a walk and hung out for a bit with my landlady, and then went to the Expogan, which is a big rodeo fair type thing-a-ma-jigger. We enjoyed walking around, eating, and generally goofing off together. 

With the adorable vaqueros (cowboys) at the Expogan.
Monday Lyndsey came to class with me (after she slept in...I had to get up with only 5 hours of sleep) and introduced herself to my kiddos, who were delighted to meet her. Monday night we went to the Deportiva and ran (I use the term quite loosely for myself) and later had friends over for dinner and a game of Dutch Blitz. Tuesday Lynds got to see some of Chihuahua with Tanya and was the invited guest to Tanya's junior high English conversation class and we went to Bible study. And on Wednesday, she joined my class again and then left! The time flew by. 

All my kids marveling at Lyndsey's Southern accent.
What a blessing to have friends like Lyndsey. What a blessing to be built up in the body of Christ and to have friends who care enough to use their resources and sacrifice their time in order to come here and encourage me. The time flew, but we took advantage of each moment. I praise the Lord for giving me friends like Lyndsey.

On Wednesday night at Bible study, we spoke about Mary Magdalene, and the wonderful way in which she pursued her Lord and loved Him to the very end. Lisa shared a quote about friendship that I just loved and feel like so adequately describes the friendships which the Lord has given me.

He says, "You haven't chosen one another, God has chosen you for one another."

I couldn't agree more. 

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