Tuesday, March 22, 2011

restful days

This weekend, I had the privilege of joining a wonderful family on a trip to El Paso. We were all El Paso rookies together, and it was a blasty-blast. We left Chiwas at 5:00 in the morning in order not to get stuck at the border for too long, and we had a safe trip there. The trip was full of many rounds of "I Spy" and I had the honor of introducing this sweet Malaysian family to Cracker Barrel and enjoyed an abundant Old Timer's Breakfast complete with a couple glasses of perfectly sweet tea. We checked into our hotel, where my wonderfully generously sweet father booked me a room all to myself, complete with king-sized bed and little lounge area. (See below.)  I was quite comfortable with my American luxuries; I took a shower twice a day just because the water was hot, the pressure was wonderful, and just because I could.

So plush and comfy. I fell asleep to the i-Home each night. :)

Where the Lord and I had some good chats.

After resting for a bit on Saturday afternoon, we hit Target, Marshalls, and the mall, where I got into lots of trouble by swiping my little debit card to my heart's content. Has anyone else ever seen a two-story Forever 21 in the mall before?! I was in heaven...Who knows when I'll be back in the States, right?! Saturday we hit the ground running after a breakfast in the hotel lobby and headed to Wal-mart and the outlet. After a delicious lunch at Red Lobster, we returned to Target, where once again I found myself in trouble...after two long days of shopping and traveling, we were all pooped, and we found ourselves hibernating in the hotel for the rest of the night. This morning after a breakfast at the hotel, we headed back to Wal-mart for a couple last minute items, ate lunch at Cracker Barrel (this time it was the grilled catfish platter, complete with fried apples, fried okra, and green beans, topped off with sweet tea). Then we headed back to Chiwas, stomachs and van both full. I'd say it was a successful trip. :)

Bundle of energy, this one is...she would be in my class if she went to Binimea!
The youngest one (on the left) never tires of playing "I Spy."

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