Friday, March 4, 2011

I love my job

Last week, I gave the kids a worksheet in which they were supposed to draw a picture and write a letter to their hero. One of my lovelies chose me as their hero! How sweet, huh?

The letter reads:

Dear Miss Miller, 

I Am Thankful that your my teacher. If we did not have you for are teacher we would be with (insert name of another teacher). And we would not have a sleep over. You are the best. 

Another one's hero was Jesus, and he wrote the following:

Jesus is my favorite heroe because he died for me and for all of us an the corss because he love us and we have to bealive him thats the only way to go to haven and havean is a very nice place it is alot berer than the whithouse and evry thing is gold and silver and if we run we don't get tire you never get tire of all you do, so belive that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross that we are sinners but we are save. 

I didn't change any of the "creative" spelling; this student is one of mine who is in ESL. :)

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