Thursday, March 10, 2011

best friends

I am so blessed. One of my very best friends in the whole world, who is basically another sister to me, wrote the sweetest thing on her blog about our friendship. God is glorified when His children love one another with deep and sincere affection. Here's the original post from her blog:

So today I couldn’t help but write about one of my best friends, and after all this musing I’m pretty sure she is my best friend.

I love her, and I know that phrase gets thrown around a lot, but if you know me at all you know I’m not one of the people who do that. Love isn’t a word I usually just say. It’s more than just a word for me, but rather a commitment. When I say I love someone not only am I saying I enjoy the various characteristics of their personality and/or find their company pleasing as to continue sharing space and time with them, but rather when I tell someone I love them I have in that moment committed to always  loving them and caring for them regardless of circumstance. In loving them I have made the conscious decision that  no-mater all things done, doing, or will be done, whether it be to me or any other slew of individuals; never will I stop caring for this person. In some ways they take a part of me that they neither asked for nor did I choose to give to them. Still, a part of me just  becomes theirs…forever. (I know it’s kind of a big deal)

Now that’s not to say I don’t love other people; sure I do! I can think of a few others that I love with this same depth, and I care about a very many of my friends to all kinds of lengths. There are a number of them that I would do just about anything for. Truly, truly I hold the very thought of them near and dear to my heart. Still that kind of “love” doesn’t even really scratch the surface of this, it really is in a category all its own, and it chooses its subject more so than I choose to give it away. And Jessica is my bestie…and I love her.
It’s really nothing new. We were friends throughout much of those hard formative years, and we’ve known each other for even longer. So it’s not really surprising that we would be so close, but as I was thinking about it today I realized that our friendship quite possibly is the purest form of friendship I’ve ever known. And it’s funny because it’s all been rather seamless. I can’t recall ever “trying” to be friends or ever having to work all that extra hard at it. In fact, I’m pretty sure she knew the worst of me before she ever caught a glimpse of the best of me, and still here we are some seven or eight years later still cracking jokes and sharing prayers over phone/skype lines. I like to think we kicked off our friendship in the best possible place. We started off at rock bottom so when it came down to it we could really only go up from there! And we have…we’ve gone up, up, and all around since then.

We’ve grown so much over these years, and every moment of it has been together. I never tire of not talking to Jess for weeks only to call or be called and find that we’ve been praying the same prayers or reading the same scriptures despite the many miles between us. It’s weird because she’s all the way in Mexico living a childhood dream and experiencing only one of God’s many unbelievable paths planned for her life, and while I miss her I’ve never been horribly sad that she was gone or felt like she was all that far away. She’s my best friend and God’s doing such an amazing work in and through her, and regardless of where she is I always feel like I carry her with me every day.
Love you Jess. You’re my sister from another mister ;) 

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