Friday, February 25, 2011

What if there were no rules?

Yesterday, I gave my kids a writing response question that said: "What if there were no rules? What would happen? How do you think things would be different?" And upon reading this response from one of my sweet students, I got tears in my eyes. I am such a softy, y'all. But how could you not be moved by this?

"I there were no rules I would...first lets tak about the things that can happen. There could be alot of sadness. There could be stealing and things that God does not like. Thanks to God and his plan whith Moses, Moses went up the Mountain Of The Lord and God gave him the ten most wonderful ten commandments. I would be sad with no rules. You might somtimes think that your parents are mean for putting rules in the house and everywhere you go. But, they're only trying to protect, you, and doing the best for you. Now think of this, what kind of dad or mom would be if you let your kids do whatever because you didn't obey when you where little. Whithout rules the world would be a disaster. Obey rules."

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