Tuesday, December 7, 2010

making progress

Here's a little update on our Samaritan's Purse fundraiser. The kids have really taken off with their creativity and are thinking of new ways to raise money and get the word out to the rest of the students at school. Last Friday, we gave manicures to many eager girls, and we ran out of time and had to reschedule some girls for this week! My girls were so excited to pamper their friends.

Tomorrow we will have a bake sale, and then on Friday we will serve hot soup and nachos for lunch. At Binimea, we don't have a hot lunch program (we're too small), so when there is hot lunch, people get pretty excited and are willing to pay. Next week, we will have hot cocoa on Monday, and then on Friday, I or another high school teacher will get a pie in the face. This part of the fundraiser has a bit of competition to it; whoever reaches $50 first wins. And you do not want to be the winner, because you will be eating whipped cream. So begins our challenge to be a part of building a school for some children who really need a place to learn, rest in the Savior's love, and grow in knowledge and wisdom. 

Pray that we will reach our goal and that people will want to be a part of our efforts to bring glory to the Father. It is, after all, all about Him.

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