Monday, November 22, 2010

sweet words

In class we have been reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. My kids are super smart and savvy, so they recognize the parallels between Aslan and Jesus. Today their journal entry was to compare Aslan's sacrifice for Edmund with Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us. Here are a couple that pulled at my heart strings:

This one comes from one of my kids who is ESOL and has only been speaking/reading English for one year!

"Jesus save us because he love us. But Jesus die on the cross. Jesus revived on the therd day. Jesus born and after he die on the cross and after he revived he go to the sky. Jesus it was like a person but he can do asom thinks. But Jesus has disipols.

Aslan and Jesus are the like the same in a lot of things. Aslan die one day and he revived on the same day. Aslan hav a lot of people. Aslan was a king the king of Narnia. Aslan die on a table rock not on a cross. Aslan was a lion a big lion."

And this one was just incredibly cute as well:
"Well Jesus dieded for us like Aslan dieded for Edmon. But Aslan is a lion and Jesus is not. And Jesus dieded on a cross and Aslan on a stone table. And Jesus dieded for are sin and Aslan for Edmond. But Aslan represents Jesus and Jesus well hes just Jesus. Aslan is nice and kind. Like Jesus is kind and nice. They both got tortured and Beat. Aslan dieded in Narnia and Jesus here on earth. And they Both came back to life." 

How incredible are they? These kids are going to change the world, folks. Watch out.

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