Thursday, November 4, 2010

on being comfortable

It's an interesting thing, being comfortable. And it is also funny how easily you can become comfortable where you are in so many different ways. When I was at home in the States, I was constantly surrounded by people who needed Jesus. My school and workplaces were often mission fields. I am a product of the public school; my only Christian friends were at church. Thus, I am pretty comfortable around people outside of my faith. Even though we don't relate on many things, we find common ground in other ways, and we love each other in spite of (or perhaps because of) our differences.

But I find myself in a different place as I live life here in Chihuahua. While I am a "missionary" (and all believers should be missionaries anyways, because Jesus told us to go into all the ends of the earth and make disciples), I am constantly surrounded by believers. I teach at a Christian school. I go to church with other believers. My roommate and "property-mate" are other missionary girls. So I find myself in this place where I don't quite understand who I am supposed to reach out to that doesn't know Jesus already. I have this deep desire within me to tell everyone about the Good News of Christ, and yet I am not quite sure where to begin.

On our street, there are no houses on the other side, except for one on the corner. Then on our side, there is a home in which a family lives that I have only been able to talk with a couple times. Then there is another house where some people "live," but they are usually out of town. Their dog follows me to school. The next house is another family from the mission, then there is an empty lot, and next is our house. Next to our house are two others, which completes the street. Our neighbors who are directly next door to us work all day long and usually are only home on the weekends. I haven't met the neighbors next to them yet.

Okay I realized I am rambling a bit here. I say all of this to let you know how you can best pray for me here. I long to be a part of the lives of Mexican people here who need the truth of Christ. And yet I find myself constantly surrounded by people who already know that truth. My job here is to be an example to my students and to disciple them, and I want to take that seriously, because it is, as a fellow teacher puts it, a "high calling." But I also long to build relationships with the national people here and find ways to love and bless them. 

Please pray for boldness, courage, and wisdom in knowing when, where, and how to embrace the life that God has given me here by giving it back to the beautiful people of Mexico.

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