Wednesday, November 17, 2010

encouragement, affirmation, goodness...

So this week has been quite lovely so far. We had a day off on Monday for Revolution Day, and then today at staff meeting we had a lovely birthday snack of tamales, totopos (think Mexican restaurant style chips), guacamole, salsa, bean dip, and flan. It was quite delicious. And then tomorrow my mentor teacher and I get to take a little trip downtown to pick up our FM3 visas, and we have to miss a couple hours of school. I'm crying. Not really. I love my kids, though. 

Let me tell you why I love my kids. We have fun together. So much fun. This Friday, our school is having a fall festival. I have no idea what they do at these things, but apparently you can pay money to marry people and put people in jail. So the kids brought up the name of a certain high school boy is a junior (a.k.a. way too young for me) and said that they were going to make me marry him! And they would  not let it go. I mean they talked about it for the rest of the day and just giggled and used our names together in example sentences for work and everything. It was actually getting a little ridiculous. Today at lunch they went and bought Ring Pops for the ceremony. I'm telling you, they were serious. And then they found out they couldn't marry a staff member to a student. Go figure. Someone else also agrees that it would be inappropriate.

One of my most darling students wrote me the cutest letter today, though. I changed the names, but here is what it said:

Dear Miss Miller:

Thank you for being my teacher this year. Your the funest teacher I've had in years. Sorry for saying you like John. You know were not going to marry you two any more we have the pefect two people to do it with. Thank you for giving us candy corns in class I love them. I wish you would be my teacher in till coleage.

Your loveing 4th grader,

With love like that from a 10 year old, what more do I need?

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