Monday, October 25, 2010

it's the little things...

This morning, I got to school and was getting ready for the day, when all of sudden, out of nowhere, the bell rang. At 7:50. It rings at this time every day, telling the kids that they can go to their classrooms and the teachers that they better get their game face on. And this morning I was a tad discombobulated, so I didn't really have my game face on. 

But then, one of my sweet fourth grade boys pulled something out from under his shirt. What was that something, you might ask? A bag of Sour Patch Kids. For me. His family went to El Paso this weekend to do some shopping, and he thought of me. How sweet is that? I just love it when the Lord shows me how much He loves me through others. This kind gesture just about melted my heart and put the biggest smile on my face. Pass on a bit of kindness to someone today and just see how it makes you feel and what it does for their heart. 

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