Friday, October 1, 2010

hello, October

Today is the first day of my favorite month, October. October is always so wonderfully packed with memories. The past few Octobers were filled to the brim with football, Ride for Christ, pumpkin muffins, dark fingernail polish, pumpkin spice lattes, apple crisp, and cozy sweaters. Oh, October, how I love thee. 

This October will be quite different. I am in Chihuahua, which is the desert. We have just wrapped up the rainy season (I think). So instead of fall leaves changing from green to beautiful hues of yellow and red, the mountains will green for just a little while longer. The bright and colorful houses will look crisp because they just got a nice wash from the rain. While I am eager and excited for this new kind of fall, I know I shall miss the beauty of the fall I came to love in sweet Georgia. 

This is my ode to Athens and all things fall. 
I shall miss studying and reading in Two Story Coffeehouse, where I always felt trendy and inevitably ran into at least one friend. 
I shall miss the quirkiness and Southern hospitality of Mama's Boy and Five Star Day, and the deliciously wonderfully vegetarian fare at The Grit. Snelling's sandwiches and omelets will forever satisfy me in my most hungry state. And of course, leaving with clothes that smell of freshly ground coffee from Jittery Joes will be an experience long treasured. 

The trees that line Cedar street with their yellow leaves in abundance...the beautiful historic homes on Milledge and Rutherford...the green, open spaces of North Campus with the big, shady, Magnolia trees, oh fall, how I will miss you! 

But isn't wonderful how the Lord knows the desires of our hearts? I found apple cider, Milano cookies, and organic raspberry jam at Wal-mart last week. Man, He is good.

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  1. Oh Jessica...this was simply wonderful...October is my favorite month too! My parents' wedding anniversary is in October and Mama's Homegoing was 10-24-06. WE were married 28 years ago on October 2nd...TODAY! And our Leah was born in 1988 on October 8th!
    WE LOVE YOU and are praying for you back here in Marietta!

    Mrs. P.



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