Friday, September 17, 2010

adventures with Barb

I have been meaning to write about this adventure, but life got in the way.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Barb (another teacher missionary) invited me to go along with her to her neighbor's mom's house in a little town at the foothills of the mountains a few miles outside of our city. We also were going to cook out and explore some caves. Since everything here is new to me and anything counts as an adventure, I enthusiastically told her to count me in! That Friday evening, Barb came and picked me up at my house so that I could stay the night with her. She lives out in the country in a small town called Sacramento that is about 15 minutes away from my house. That evening I had also locked myself out of my room, so she arrived at the same time as my "locksmith" (the father of one of my students). Anyways, after a little bit of a hullabaloo, we made it to her house. 

Let me tell that Barb is legit. She is so wonderfully giving and kind. Her neighbors are quite poor, but she allows them to work for her and help her out around the house. She also has a kids club that meets at her house each week where she teaches them about Jesus and the Bible. Her time is spent just loving other people and giving them the bread of life. I greatly admire her willingness to bring the Gospel to the overlooked and unreached who are right by her.

Her neighbors, Angelica and Concha, are sisters, and we were visiting their mother's 200 year old home that Saturday. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. It was so wonderful to finally get to see the sights of the mountains I have been staring at for over a month now as I ride all over town running errands. The wide open spaces of the country were so inviting and green. There were cows and horses everywhere, and the people were kind and sweet. Angelica and Concha's mother was the sweetest little woman. When I told her that I liked her house and thought it was pretty, she laughed and said, "But we are poor and humble people who have almost nothing!" Wow. 

That entire day was wonderful. The Lord was just so sweet to me through the entire day as He revealed so many wonderful aspects of His awesome creation to me. As I looked at the mountains and the fields, I wondered how people could not believe in a Creator! 

Hopefully you, too, will be reminded of the greatness of our God through these photos. 

The beautiful 200 year old home

Mmmm...yes, it was as delicious as it looks. :)

The beginning of our journey to the caves
This adventure was intense; we had to crawl under quite a few barbed wire fences to get to our destination!

Everyone catching their breath and putting their shoes back on after crossing the little creek

Look! A cave opening!

The group

Aren't they precious? I kind of fell in love...

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  1. Jessica, You have only just begun to meet the beautiful people of Mexico. The scenery has no words to explain the beauty OUR CREATOR made. So excited you are adventurous !!! Looking forward to having some adventures together. Barb is is a very giving woman and a wonderful friend. Have a wonderful day !!



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